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BBBSCA Task Force Members and Campaign Launched to Recruit 300 Mentors

Updated: Mar 25, 2022

Task Force Co-Chairs Chelsea Boozer and Darren Morgan

Big Brothers Big Sisters of Central Arkansas Mentor Recruitment Task Force members are looking for Bigs to match with a growing waitlist of children and recently launched a recruitment campaign to meet the demand. Task Force members are volunteering their time to recruit mentors to serve as Bigs, with a goal of recruiting 300 mentors.

CEO Raymond O. Long stated, "We need help from the community to increase the number of mentors we recruit this year while improving the diversity among our applicants." In addition, he continued, "The task force members selected will have the opportunity to advise the organization on our recruitment strategies, create buzz and help promote our exciting recruitment campaigns." Residents interested in getting involved or learning more should follow Big Brothers Big Sisters of Central Arkansas on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

"Our Bigs make lifelong impacts in the lives of the Littles they mentor. And many Bigs and Littles even stay in touch after the Little goes to college," CEO Raymond O. Long shared. "Not only is this an opportunity to become a role model and make a difference in the life of a youth, but it is also a joy to see how the kids in our program blossom after being paired with their Big."

We are proud to announce the members of the Big Brothers Big Sisters of Central Arkansas Mentor Recruitment Taskforce:

Ana Hunt

Anthony Freeman

Antwan Phillips

Brittani Hill

Chelsea Boozer

Corinthian Williams

Crystal Whittington

Darren Morgan

Dena Patterson

Dexter Perkins

Drekkia Morning

Ebony Kimbrough

Gashen Humphrey

Iddy Kennedy

Jeremy Bolden

Jimmy Warren

Jordan Johnson

Judge Shanice Johnson

Kevin Hunt

Kevin Reese

Lea Whitlock

Leaundra Sanders

Makeisha Davis

Nicholas Norfolk

Sam Ellis

Shamim Okolloh

Stacy Moultrie

Vanielle Lewis

For information on how you can become involved, visit

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