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All young people DREAM of being great and reaching their full

And through youth mentoring, we support every young person who wants to reach their full potential. Our mission is to create and support mentoring relationships that ignite the power and promise of youth, and we are committed to doing it bolder, better, and bigger than ever.

At Big Brothers Big Sisters of Central Arkansas when connected to the necessary tools. resources, and exposure, can dream big and be put in a position to realize those dreams.

In partnership with parents, youth, mentors, and community partners youth are exposed to what is possible and they are empowered to achieve it. Greatness is for everyone.

A Message from BBBSCA

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Our agency is an affiliate of Big Brothers Big Sisters of America, a network of 235 agencies that served 200,000 young people in 2020 alone. We are committed and equipped to doing more than mentoring. Mentoring will always be foundational to our work, but I want to expand our programs and services to include Justice, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (JEDI) youth empowerment work, academic enrichment, health and wellness, digital & financial literacy, youth leadership development, and career pathways training.









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    are IMPORTANT.

When young people are supported and connected to mentors they 

Excel academically 
Make better decisions
Develop youth leadership skills
Build professional relationships


When connected to the necessary tools, resources, and exposure, every young person can dream big and be put in a position to realize those dreams.


"Me and Mr. Morris have been matched since 6th grade and now I'm 19, so it's been an amazing experience. I kind of kept to myself but being matched and being with someone else you have to share your feelings and stuff like that. He really helped me get outside of my box"


Khaleel Jones

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In partnership with parents and caregivers. we match young people with a caring and consistent adult mentor to walk alongside of them, offering encouragement and support.

Big Bryan Little Damian 6-WEB2

In partnership with parents and caregivers. we match young people with a caring and consistent adult mentor to walk alongside of them, offering encouragement and support.



We coordinate with youth serving organizations, business leaders and the greater community to connect every child to what they need to succeed in life.


Kids in Preschool

CHANGING the Narrative

All young people can benefit from the power of mentorship.

Our young people are poised for greatness.

Young people know what they need and the challenges they are trying to overcome. We ensure they have the resources to help them succeed. We're here as their champions and supporters from the moment we meet them until they are young adults entering society ready to reach their full potential.

We are not just a "mentoring organization."

Yes, we are known for our one-to-one mentoring model, our approach is to reach the whole child. We want to create a unified community of parents/caregivers, educators, and partners in our community to serve as the support our youth deserve.

All young people matter-no matter what.

Some of the youth we serve experience adversity that challenges their ability to reach their full potential. But regardless of their obstacles - THEY matter. And so, we are committed to pursuing possibilities so that they have every chance to reach their full potential.

The young people we connect with are not "at-risk or troubled kids."

They dream big like us, the want a shot at living their best life. Participation in Big Brother Big Sisters Program is on a volunteer basis, and we aren't saving anyone. Our programs are created a way where every participant's voice is heard.

Everything we do is collaborative effort with parents and caregivers.

Parents are the most important influences in a young person's life. Our duty is to collaborate with, not take the place of parents and other caregivers to the youth we serve.

We go where youth are.

We don't have a building where youth gather for programs and events. Rather, we are a village of people who stand with youth in their neighborhoods, schools. and communities. We spend time with our youth outside of their environments to broaden their views of possibilities.

"Having a young man and being a single parent, there were somethings that I knew and understood that, on my own, I just wasn't gonna be able to do. Right from the start. I felt like it

was a match made in heaven."


Jomeka Edwards


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