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Oliver's Odyssey

Big Brothers Big Sisters of Central Arkansas is proud to welcome Big Sabrina Langston and Little Kaitlyn Oliver to the Big-Little Family!


Little Sisters Katlyn Oliver is a fourth grader at Washington Elementary. Oliver wanted a Big Sister because she is the only child in her family. She dreams of becoming a hairstylist or nurse practitioner like her grandmother. Oliver likes to watch TikToks, go outside to play, and loves going to parks. She is excited to go places with her BIG.

Big Sister Sabrina Langston is a property manager for an apartment complex and a dedicated professional. Langston received her Bachelor's degree in Business Administration. She is described as a funny, outgoing, loving, and disciplined by those closet to her. Her expectation as a Big Sister is to provide hope and a fresh perspective to her Little's life. Sabrina aims to be a positive change in her Little's life.

As we witness the growth of this match, let's extend our support to them on their journey. There are always Littles seeking a Big to enter their lives and make a difference through even the smallest efforts. Are you considering becoming a Big? Click this link to learn more.

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