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Building. Bonding. Bunting.

Big Brothers Big Sisters of Central Arkansas is proud to welcome Big Sister Savannah Williams and Little Sister Talia Bunting to the Big-Little Family!


Little Talia Bunting is a delightful and soft-spoken kindergartner at Washington Elementary School. She relishes her school days because they're filled with the joy of friendship and fun activities like hide and seek, rock-paper-scissors, and even a bit of gymnastics. Talia has a real passion for school but could use some assistance in the math department. Additionally, she has her heart set on doing a gymnastics class and playing a lively game of tag with her new BIG sister.

BIG Savannah Williams, originally from Kansas City, made the move to Little Rock to pursue her education at Philander Smith College. She's currently majoring in Business and has grand aspirations of becoming a marketing manager with a specialization in social media. Her dreams don't stop there; she also envisions creating a nonprofit organization focused on empowering young girls. Back in high school, Savannah was quite the softball enthusiast and is excited about sharing her love for the game with her Little.

Savannah's commitment doesn't stop at her educational and career pursuits. She lives on campus and is planning to introduce her Little to the college experience, giving her a glimpse of life as a student and exposing her to exciting new opportunities. Some of the adventures they have in store include exploring new culinary delights, taking leisurely walks along the riverfront, and providing valuable homework help.

These two wonderful individuals also share a common love for music and reading, promising a wealth of bonding opportunities. Savannah's empathetic nature and her strong desire to make a positive impact on the world make her an ideal mentor for young Talia. In their mentorship journey, she's all set to offer academic guidance and emotional support, nurturing Talia during these crucial formative years.

If you're inspired by the heartwarming potential of matches like Talia and Savannah and want to make a meaningful impact in a young person's life, consider becoming a BIG yourself. Your unique qualities and caring spirit can help shape a brighter future for a child in need. Join us in creating more life-changing connections, one match at a time. Apply today and be a BIG change-maker! Click this link

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