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Compassion and Connectivity: Weatherly and Kyzer

Big Brothers Big Sisters of Central Arkansas is proud to welcome Big Brother Dylan Weatherly and Little Brother Vincent Kyzer to the Big-Little Family!


Little Brother Vincent Kyzer is a delightful, tender-hearted, and tech-savvy Little. Vincent finds joy in various activities such as playing video games, engaging in outdoor football matches, bouncing on the trampoline, and embarking on camping adventures with his family. Seeking emotional support, encouragement to break out of his shell, and assistance in improving his reading scores at school, Vincent longed for a dedicated Big Brother.

Big Brother Dylan Weatherly is a witty, compassionate, and patient mentor actively searching for a Little Brother who would greatly benefit from additional emotional guidance. Weatherly yearns to lend an empathetic ear to a young man in need. His initial plans involve outings to the park, indulging in video games, and aiding his Little Brother with homework assignments.

Little Brother Vincent and Big Brother Dylan Weatherly share a relaxed and easy-going demeanor, setting the stage for a promising and fulfilling match. We eagerly anticipate witnessing the growth of this incredible bond. Discover more about becoming a BIG by clicking on this link and showing up BIG for a young person. Click this link

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