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Crafting Dreams and Building Bonds

Big Brothers Big Sisters of Central Arkansas is proud to welcome Big Sister Cristin Maczko and Little Sister Madelyn Kyzer to the Big/Little family!


Little Sister Madelyn Kyzer is full of energy, creativity, and an outgoing spirit. Madelyn has expressed her eagerness to have a Big Sister in her life. She dreams of finding

a BIG who shares her love for arts and crafts and can engage in endless conversations like her. Madelyn believes that having a Big Sister will be fun and provide the extra support she needs in school and help her achieve her future goal of becoming an interior designer.

Big Sister, Cristin Maczko, is a passionate individual who is thrilled to take on the role of a Big Sister. Cristin's motivation stems from her strong desire to make a positive difference in a young girl's life. Understanding the significance of a child's formative years, Cristin aims to ensure that Madelyn can cherish and enjoy her childhood to the fullest. In addition, with her penchant for arts and crafts and outgoing personality, Cristin is excited to become a role model and source of inspiration for Madelyn.

If Madelyn and Cristin's story inspires you and you wish to positively impact a young person's life, we invite you to learn more about becoming a BIG. Click on the link below to discover how you can become a mentor and inspire the next generation. Your involvement can create a world of difference and remarkably shape a child's future.

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