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Forging Futures: Joseph Henson & Cole Jester

Big Brothers Big Sisters of Central Arkansas is proud to welcome Big Cole Jester and Little Joseph Henson to the Big-Little Family!


Little Brother Joseph Henson is a dynamic and spirited middle school student bursting with energy. His passions include baseball, television, reading, and cherishing moments with his mother. With his boundless enthusiasm, Joseph is on the lookout for an active Big Brother who can match his high spirits. Dreaming of a future as a professional MLB player, he's also contemplating the possibility of becoming a doctor as a plan B.

Big Brother Cole Jester has a deep appreciation for outdoor pursuits like hunting and golfing, along with a penchant for casual coffee outings. Cole's aspiration is to provide unwavering guidance to his Little, assisting them in navigating the path to higher education and success.

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