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Go For Guy!

Big Brothers Big Sisters of Central Arkansas is proud to welcome Big Jessica Guy and Little Harmany Bunting to the Big-Little Family!


Little Sister Harmany Bunting is a bright and lively fifth-grader from Washington Elementary School. While Science is her favorite subject, she faces some challenges with Math. Harmany has a close-knit circle of four friends, and together, they love playing games like hide and seek. With a penchant for the color pink, a love for music, and a passion for reading, Harmany's favorite book is Diary of a Wimpy Kid. Despite facing difficulties at home, her resilience and enthusiasm for learning and life shine through.

Big Sister Jessica Guy has a a dedicated mentor with a Bachelor's Degree in Radio TV and an Executive Producer at KARK Fox 16 News. Jessica embodies openness, encouragement, selflessness, and a genuine willingness to guide Harmany. Their expectations align seamlessly, as Jessica aspires to inspire and guide, while Harmany seeks a reliable and encouraging presence, especially during challenging times. This mentorship has the potential to offer Harmany the essential guidance and support necessary for her personal growth and overall well-being.

In the world of mentoring, facts show that children with mentors are 55% more likely to enroll in college. It's a powerful statistic that underscores the transformative impact of mentorship. You have the opportunity to make a difference in a child's life—consider becoming a Big Brother or Big Sister today and be a positive force in shaping a brighter future. Apply now and be the mentor a young person like Harmany needs! Click this link

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