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Howe Heroic!

Big Brothers Big Sisters of Central Arkansas is proud to welcome BIG Dr. Marico Howe and Little Eluana Otis to the Big/Little Family!


Little Sister Eluana Otis, a vibrant participant in the Big Brothers Big Sisters of Central Arkansas group mentoring program at Horace Mann Middle School, was introduced to the organization through her little brother, who is also part of the Big/Little Family. Having observed its positive impact on her sibling, Eluana yearned for a similar experience and sought a BIG. Her ideal Big Sister was someone she could have relatable conversations with, share meals with, and explore exciting hobbies such as cooking.

Big Sister Dr. Marico Howe is driven by her desire to inspire and assist young minds in discovering their passions and aspirations. Dr. Howe actively sought an opportunity to utilize her expertise. Her ideal Little was someone brimming with energy and extroversion, a young individual ready to embrace new experiences and uncover their true potential.

We look forward to seeing how this match grows into something BIG! Learn more about how you can become a BIG to inspire and assist a young mind by clicking the link below.

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