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King Achievements

Big Brothers Big Sisters of Central Arkansas is proud to welcome Big Wanda King and Little Cordajah Crutchfield to the Big-Little Family!


Little Sister Cordajah Crutchfield, a vibrant 12-year-old student who loves dancing, the great outdoors, and dreams of becoming a lawyer. Despite her enthusiasm, Cordajah faces challenges in math, struggles with listening, and has grappled with self-esteem issues due to bullying. She's a young dreamer, and with the right support, she can achieve greatness.

Big Sister Wanda King, an extraordinary individual wearing multiple hats - active board member at Big Brothers Big Sisters of Central Arkansas, Vice President at Arkansas Blue Cross Blue Shield, Director of a Girl's Scout Troop, and a successful real estate business owner. Amid her bustling life, Wanda finds solace and joy in the loving company of her husband and two daughters. She values the power of genuine connections and has opened her heart and home to become a Big Sister.

Wanda is determined to be a guiding light for a Little Sister like Cordajah. Her goal is to provide a nurturing and inspiring relationship that can positively shape Cordajah's life. Wanda's commitment to mentoring is a testament to the profound impact a Big Sister can have on a young individual's journey.

Are you eager to be part of this transformative mentorship experience? Join us as a Big and make a significant impact in the life of a young person like Cordajah. Click the link below to learn more and step up in a big way. Your involvement could be the difference that changes a life. Click this link

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