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Lift Little Lamb

Big Brothers Big Sisters of Central Arkansas is proud to welcome Big Darion Baker and Little Darron Lamb to the Big-Little Family!


Little Brother Darron Lamb is a vibrant 9-year-old student at Washington Elementary. With an infectious cheerfulness and an affinity for math, Darron thrives socially, surrounded by a circle of friends with whom he enjoys a myriad of activities, from computer games to music and physical games. Yet, within this bustling world of childhood wonders, there's an unsung hero making a difference – Big Brother Darion Baker.

Big Brother Darion Baker is a Pharmacy Tech at UAMS who embraces a flexible schedule to be a reliable and supportive mentor for Darron. Beyond the formalities of their mentorship program, Darion is committed to helping his Little Brother develop clear and effective communication skills, build positive relationships with peers, and foster the self-confidence needed for a flourishing future.

The magic lies in the synergy between Darion's commitment and Darron's need for guidance and trust. Their shared interests in games, sports, and quality time together offer Darron experiences that could potentially shape his worldview in ways he might not have encountered otherwise. Beyond the structured support, Darion becomes a friend, a confidant, and a source of inspiration for Darron.

In an era where guidance is often sought amidst the noise of distractions, the importance of male mentorship stands as a beacon, illuminating the path toward a future where each young boy can navigate challenges, embrace opportunities, and emerge as a force for positive change in our shared world. Be the next reason a young boy's future is a little BIGGER. Click this link

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