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Stewarding Little Stuart

Big Brothers Big Sisters of Central Arkansas is proud to welcome Big Chuck Hamilton and Little William Stuart to the Big-Little Family!


Little Brother William Stuart is  a shy, 13-year-old searching for a big brother to share companionship. Stuart finds joy in singing, actively participating in a choir, and indulging in his love for video games on his PS4. His interests extend to mythology, math, and science, and he eagerly anticipates lunchtime to visit the library. Despite grappling with ADHD and anxiety, he looks forward to his weekly therapy sessions.

Big Brother Chuck Hamilton is a former Big Brother from BBBS in Memphis, Tennessee, who decided to continue his impactful work by joining BBBSCA. Armed with a Business degree from the University of Memphis, Chuck currently serves as a dedicated employee of USPS. His passions include sports, movies, biking, and exploring museums.

The pairing of Little William Stuart and Big Chuck Hamilton seems destined, especially considering Chuck's extensive experience mentoring three other Littles and his unwavering commitment to making a positive impact in young lives. With Chuck's wealth of experience and dedication, he stands poised to provide the support and guidance that William seeks.

As National Mentoring Month concludes, the need for mentors persists. Follow Chuck's inspiring example and consider supporting a young person in their journey. Interested in becoming a Big? Click this link

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