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Promise Made. Promise Kept. A Mentor for Messiah.

Big Brothers Big Sisters of Central Arkansas welcomes Big Brother Judge Mark Leverett to the Big-Little Family.


Little Brother Messiah started in one of our group mentoring programs at Mann Middle School but quickly realized he wanted to double down on his mentoring experience and be matched in our 1 on 1 program. BBBSCA Program Relationship Specialist Joshua Merriweather knew Messiah could benefit from a dynamic 1 on 1 match. After hearing about Messiah's great potential, our CEO, Raymond Long, personally recruited Judge Mark Leverett to mentor Messiah.

Judge Leverett wanted to become a mentor because he knows how important it is for young people to have guidance when navigating life. Messiah opted into the BBBSCA program because he realized that he needed a male role model of his own.

Messiah loves to play football and is on the Mann Middle School football team. Right now, he wants to become a professional football player, but he wants his Big Brother to help expose him to other careers connected to football just in case his NFL dream doesn't come true.

When asked why he wanted to be a part of Big Brothers Big Sisters of Central Arkansas, Messiah said, "I believe it will be a learning experience for me; one that will help me develop into who I want to be."

Big Brother Mark Leverett serves as a District Court Judge. He loves to play sports and looks forward to sharing his experience as a collegiate football player with his new little brother, Messiah.

Judge Mark Leverett Mark stated, "From the moment I met Messiah, I realized there is something uniquely special about this young man. I'm excited about the opportunity to be a part of his life. I'll start with random visits to his school to ensure he is attending regularly."

We look forward to seeing this bond grow through Big Brothers Big Sisters of Central Arkansas. You can also make a difference in a young person's life! Click this link to learn more about becoming a BIG.

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