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Silverstein's Success!

Big Brothers Big Sisters of Central Arkansas is proud to welcome Big Sam Schach and Little Skyler Silverstein to the Big-Little Family!


Little Skyler Silverstein, a 12-year-old dynamo with a zest for life like no other! His boundless enthusiasm shines through his love for reading, conquering video games, and diving headfirst into intellectual challenges. What's more, Skyler dreams of becoming a YouTube sensation, ready to unveil his boundless creativity to the world!

But that's not all - Skyler is on the hunt for a mentor, a male mentor to be precise, someone who shares his passion for an active lifestyle, adores video games, and can guide him towards unshakable confidence and unwavering focus.

Big Sam Schach, a man whose passions for reading, video games, and an active lifestyle sync up beautifully with Skyler's interests. Sam is on a mission to foster deep, meaningful relationships, and his remarkable flexibility in terms of availability proves his unwavering commitment to supporting Skyler's growth and development.

Sam's dedication to community service and education is like a goldmine of inspiration for Skyler, who's striving to be the next YouTube sensation and hone his focus. Together, they're about to embark on a mentorship journey that not only caters to Skyler's interests but also helps him build rock-solid confidence, stay razor-focused, and thrive academically and personally.

Want to help a Youth thrive academically and personally? Click the link below to become a BIG. It takes LITTLE to become BIG!

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