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The Way It Works: #KeepKidsConnected

The Way It Works: #KeepKidsConnected

Following safety protocols to keep our matches, parents & staff safe is most important to BBBSCA. Staying cautious to help fight the coronavirus has introduced virtual matches to our agency, but how does it work? Well, here’s how!

1. Trained & Ready

For the first three months, BBBSCA’s Bigs and Littles can choose a virtual match

option where they spend 100% of their time together remotely.

The relationship soars to new heights during the fourth month when exciting in-person visits can take place. This in-person stage is optional until Covid- 19 is behind us. That is, If everyone involved is comfortable and follows safety protocols.

2. Zoom Interview

After a possible Big enters their volunteer application and attends orientation online, a BBBSCA staff will contact the potential mentor to schedule a zoom interview. The BBBSCA match specialist asks about the Big’s experiences, interests, and why they want to mentor. This in-depth conversation is

crucial because these details help us find

the perfect match connection.

3. Let’s Get Connected

Finding similar interests between a match is the top rank in every BBBSCA match. We take it a step further to look at a person’s liveliness, favored activities, and admirations for our virtual matches. Connecting the right Little and Big is especially important for a virtual match and how they interact online.

4. The BIG Meet

The first interaction between a Big and Little is the most thrilling. The ‘Big meet’ is both exciting and entertaining. The first encounter is facilitated by a BBBSCA staff member and incorporates games such as two truths and a lie to get to know one another. The BBBSCA staff member will also go over agency policy and procedures to ensure the agreement of each match.

Bigs, parents, and Littles take out their calendars during the first meeting and plan their first match activities virtually. Online board games, watching a movie simultaneously, playing bingo, or even reading a book together are some of the activities that BBBSCA has suggested.

Our staff is here to help develop remote-friendly activities for each match. In addition, our monthly newsletter will show our Bigs what will be virtually available in our community.

5. From Screen To 6 Feet Apart

Each match can enjoy new activities and spend time together in person. We know they have spent three months online together and are pros at following safety protocols to keep building their mentorship bond apart from a computer screen.

*May vary based on the most CDC guidelines/recommendations.

Volunteer With BBBSCA

Ignite potential in today’s youth.


How many virtual matches has BBBSCA made?

Who is being matched:

• Our Littles range in age from 5-14 years old and we have Bigs of all ages.

• Big Couple and Big family matches are also an exciting way to mentor.

We have many kids on our waiting list looking for a match!

What activities are Bigs and Little’s participating in virtually?

• Online video games

• Streaming the same TV series or movie and watching it at the same time

and discussing together

• Online board games/Scavenger Hunts

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