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Bolder. Better. Bigger. Bragg.

Big Brothers Big Sisters of Central Arkansas is proud to welcome Big Sister Shanice Davis and Little Sister Genesis Bragg to the Big-Little Family!


Little Sister Genesis Bragg is an intelligent 11-year-old sixth-grader at Sylvan Hills Middle School. Genesis is a multifaceted individual with a wide array of interests, ranging from painting, drawing, and watching YouTube to playing volleyball and immersing herself in reading and writing. While initially reserved, she gradually warms up to others and excels in her studies, participating actively in the debate team and taking on all Advanced Placement (AP) classes. Genesis dreams of becoming an artist or journalist, showcasing her talent and drive to succeed. What she yearns for now is a mentor who can help nurture her potential and guide her towards her aspirations.

Big Sister Shanice Davis is a highly motivated individual eager to step into the role of a Big Sister. Shanice's motivation stems from the profound appreciation she feels from children when she becomes involved in their lives. Her 12-year-long friendship with her mentor speaks volumes about her unwavering commitment to fostering mentoring relationships. Shanice believes that being a positive influence as a sister figure is a powerful way to make a lasting difference.

This match match between Shanice and Genesis is nothing short of exceptional, driven by their shared values, interests, and motivations. Shanice's sincere dedication to helping children, coupled with her extensive experience in mentoring, align seamlessly with Genesis's need for a caring mentor who can support her academic aspirations. Beyond their shared commitment to education, their common Christian faith and similar values provide a sturdy foundation for what promises to be a meaningful and impactful mentoring relationship.

You, too, have the opportunity to make a positive difference in the life of a Little Sister or Little Brother by becoming a Youth Mentor at Big Brothers Big Sisters of Central Arkansas. The impact of becoming a BIG extends beyond the Little – it can be just as transformative for you as a mentor. Join us in creating meaningful connections and fostering the potential in our youth. Click this link

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